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582 Gravley Road - Pickens, South Carolina 29671

CapRock Global Solutions is a premier provider of Industrial Engineering and Productivity Solutions.

We are part of the Consulting Group of Jocassee Inc. We draw upon 25+ years of direct front-line experience supporting over 200 clients in 19 countries and unique access to industry specialists to deliver data driven solutions.

The Consulting Group of Jocassee (CGJ) offers a broad range of services with Jocassee Services  and  CapRock Global Solutions


Our expertise includes: Supply Chain Consulting, Labor Management, Training, Logistics, Engineering, Fulfillment, Material Handling, Warehouse Design, Distribution Operations, Labor Standards, Material Flow, Systems, Service Execution, Transport, Distribution, Equipment Engineering, Technology and Operations reviews/audits, etc.  To learn more click on our solutions pages.


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CapRock Global Solutions, Consulting Group of Jocassee
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